Sunday, 4 November 2012

More notoriety

Yet another radio interview about my commute, this one a whole  doco devoted to it on RN. As Mark Schroeder put it, how much fame can you get out of a 1km paddle?
Smiley Jim

RN Producer Joel “They named a paddle after me” Werner came over one morning a few weeks ago to record a half-hour doco for Radio National’s Off Track series. Bluebird day, the usual pleasant paddle, couple of anecdotes and yet more washing the boats.
Launching from home. A week later that pontoon had sunk. 

You can hear the thing here Four years into doing this run and it’s very bloody mundane, but seems to appeal to people nonetheless.

Some nice pix though. 
My nightly  seal launch every night, often a lot further to fall. 

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