Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Busted two paddles in three days

This is suddenly a more expensive hobby.

I’ve managed to break two cherished paddles in three days. One a carbon fibre euro, the other a handmade wooden GP.

I was ay Shoalhaven Heads  at an NSWSKC instructor’s weekend ( well no, I’m not an actual instructor yet) and we were surfing in the  shore break on Seven Mile Beach, in an Aquanaut with the Werner Corryvrecken. I found myself caught up planing sideways on the rapidly rising face of a dumper and decided a quiet roll would be in order, let it all blow over. Tucked , brought the paddle in close along the gunwale and went over. Bugger me but halfway through the tumbling the paddle suddenly becomes a lot less formal and one half disappears. I rolled up with the remaining half and  found myself the proud possessor of half a paddle with a splintered edge. 
Hmmm. Pause for reflection. 

Still in the surf zone, of course, so a stimulating little surf in, paddling Canadian style and bracing and  ruddering Greenland style.  The other half washed up on the beach a kilometre away.

The plug snapped out of the male side of the joiner, staying secured in the socket.
I wasn't the only one to feel a bit damaged that day. John Wilde and his newly configured rudder.

That was Sunday.

This morning set out for work in my Dancer with my beloved #7 handmade Greenland. As I have said in an earlier post, I got the blade just perfectly in this paddle but became a little fixated on the shape of the loom, to its detriment in volume. IE small but perfectly formed.

Ferry goes past, lovely (but small) wake, put in a few quick strokes to catch the wave and become the proud possessor of two very long norsaqs.

The #7 on the right against the neanderthal #5


Bit sad about that blade, it was always doomed by it was a thing of joy.

Been googling what to do with a broken Greenland paddle. Ideas?

Very very very long norsaq?

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