Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pool rolling, a winter indulgence

For the last couple of Thursday nights Cathy has organised  pool rolling at Willoughby pool.  Spending a few hours practicing rolling with a like-minded bunch is a bit more attractive in a warm, enclosed pool than in the harbour in midwinter.

Kayak Pool Rolling - Greenland Sticks - Sydney from Ian Vaile on Vimeo.

Started out as a Splinter group idea, to practice the Greenland rolls, but there were a lot of different paddles and roll styles in evidence. We could fit four boats and eight people in the pool.

Shaan tried her first GP rolls and to nobody’s surprise popped up smiling. Anne also continued to demonstrate an amazingly fast grasp on the technique.

9pm Thursday, Cathy, Rob and Shaan.Dave and Kyle in the background, and Dee and Harry beyond. 

Cathy reaches for her shotgun

I got my butterfly back but found it harder with the carbon blade than the wooden one. My technique is far from ideal so I expect that as I improve I’d be moving back to the carbon stick.

My little butterfly

Dave Fisher showed off some fine forward-finishing rolls, and I have Kyle to thank for getting my forward-finishing storm roll working again.

Dave, a thing of beauty. 
Dave's account is here

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