Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A tale of two noses

A couple of weeks ago we took a Saturday paddle from  our place to Shelley beach. After a few weeks of lumpy weather it was a pretty calm morning.

Dry run, with salty sea dog. Well, sea poodle. 

Among the paddlers Was Claudia “Pink Lady” Schremmer. This was the first time in the water for her new Nadgee Bombora, freshly delivered by Laurie. It’s a very good looking boat.

 I tried an earlier pre-production version last year and it didn’t really sing for me, but it looked terrific with Claudia. Very good build quality, a lot of thought in the design, and it cut through the water beautifully.

We got to Shelley and unpacked a bottle of bubbly we had secretly stashed, and Claudia christened the new boat. Bubbles on the nose.  Then she took my no.5 stick and put it through the Greenland paces.

On the way in to Shelley Cathy took advantage of the small swell to surf her Mirage in. Too close to the corner, as it turned out: a big set came through and she did a beautiful endo, with her nose secure in the rocks of the reef. A bite on the front of her boat to commemorate it. 
(a) just a teeny little bump (b) there was just this much water over the rocks

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